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The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel in Urdu - Purisrar Dunya Urdu Documentaries

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Watch The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel in Urdu. For More Urdu Documentaries please subscribe our channel Purisrar Dunya.
In every part of the world, people suffering from diseases under which they are incompetent acts of conduct, due to which they are considered psychologically or mentally ill. For which there are hospitals or cabinets in place in the decent world, where these diseases can be treated according to specific procedures. But a strange and tragic thing that usually comes to our observation is that whenever a person is an ancestor of such an abusive condition and is being punished by non-physical acts, then less educated and the first person's opinion It has been a shadow of an oxygen. And then people prefer to treat medical treatment and medical science as well as to serve the self-determined designs in which it may have been all overwhelmed by the world. Today we want to view our viewer's auspicious story of a German woman named Anneliese Michel with whom There was a similar accident and after such unwanted experiences and extremely painful life, finally it was saved from the hell of the ill world. Anneliese is pleased with the newcomer before talking to the troubled moments of Michelle's life to subscribe to the channel and also press the bell button with him.
This unfortunate woman was born in a family in Germany on September 21, 1952, a Catholic link to a Christian religion branch. Due to severe religious trends in the family, Anneliese Michel was born in a very intense environment, with its effects becoming increasingly visible as well. Initially, he was taken to the doctors for treatment therapies, according to his diagnosis, he was suffering from epilepsy. The therapeutic patient continued, but the disease increased, which as well as all treatment methods remained unusable. After which psychologists were hired and they started their treatment, indicating the disruption in mind, due to mental illness and chronic environment. But there was no chance. And when his parents contacted the role of Christian society, they revealed that four hundred The old is a shade of ASEB. Only the spiritual treatment is possible. Until then, Mughal stepped into the limits of his novice. The 1970s travel period began to be increasingly fast. After arriving in consciousness, he would tell that she sees Satan's face several times a day.
In such a situation he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Whereas he used to treat drug addiction for the first time, he could not feel in pain without consciousness, but despite staying in a psychiatric hospital for a long time The situation could not be handled. He would say that the devil is constantly involved in taking him into hell,
Female gentlemen Now his parents were convinced that he was under the influence of an oxygen, and he was taken to a priest Ernst Alt, who said he was not a chicken patient but was helpless, for the local pastor to treat. Allowance is necessary that he got started before he started treatment, saying that everyone should pray for me, I have to rid him from the AASB, on this occasion other psychological and medical treatments of Mitchell were stopped and only the priest's treatment. On this contingency, the spiritual treatment was released for ten months, which would have had two sessions every week of four hours, but finally the unfortunate woman on July 1, 1976 Each was found in a dead condition, according to the medical report, due to lack of water and food shortage.
Honorable viewer! In the preliminary death, a secret inquiry was opened in the secret of his death that Chautoma's parents and his pastor Ernst Alt, who were hiding for a week under his affection, were arrested and checking the ten-month recordings related to the treatment. The priest's counsel was presented by the church for the purpose of the trial, and finally he was punished while Mitchell's parents were miserable to say that he had suffered a lot of pain before it.
Honorable women and gentlemen! It is not just a case of slogans, but thousands of such incidents are part of our society and we believe that if a human being is unavailable to save a person from illness, then his permission should only be of knowledge The State or the Court itself should issue a license or certificate to ensure that an authentic spiritual therapist can treat such diseases.

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